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A Halloween Tale (by J. McMaster)

He sat alone in darkest night;

He swore that there would be no fright.

The book he held contained no ghouls

But still it slowly grabbed his soul.


The sleep it seemed to come so slow

And then there was a sudden glow -

It came from pages held so tight

It came and brought an eerie light...


That pulled him up and pulled him in;

That pulled him out of his own skin.

It slowly pulled him inside out

Pulled so fast he could not shout.


The thing that came out of a book

And rapidly his soul it took -

And what was left he could not face

An emptiness was in his place.


The skin it fell in crepe-like folds

It sat there now so uncontrolled;

The eyes unblinking staring still

There was no hope, there was no will.


Yet from a distance far above

He asked how it could take hold of -?

For it was merely just a book - 

And yet it came, his soul it took...


He stared down at the empty shell

The body that he knew so well - 

Twisted now, grey and cold

Sitting there, green as mold.


He asked himself why did he sleep?

How could he know this thing would creep -

And steal him from all that he was 

His graces yes, and all his flaws -


He thought and thought how do I go

Get back into the life I know?

The answer then it came indeed

A simple dream is all I need!


And so he drifted there alone

Not seeing flesh nor seeing bone;

Not knowing as he found his way

To that familiar form he'd stay - 


Because he knew he'd never read

Another book on Halloween...